The insurance companies do not want to pay claims. They almost always pay less, often late and many times refuse to pay your claim at all.

Pomůžeme vám

And that is why we are here – to help you get your insurance claims paid. Especially in cases, in which:

  • you got in a car accident and your car was damaged
  • you got in a car accident and was injured
  • you got in a car accident and lost a close person
  • you got injured at work
  • your claim at an insurance company or employer was not fully reimbursed
  • your accident happened abroad or was caused by a foreigner
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We will provide you a qualified help while dealing with problems caused by car accidents or work injuries.

Kvalifikovaný tým

We only work with skilled professionals well educated in the field of car accidents, doctors and prestigious lawyers.

Mapa působnosti

With our help, you will get your justice. Anywhere in the Czech Republic.

Pomůžeme vám

If you desire to be helped quickly, please provide us with the following information:

  • when did the accident happen – protocol from the accident or injury
  • if the damage was evaluated – expert evidence
  • if you already tried to reach out to the insurance company and how
  • if your employer is trying to solve the issue with you already
  • how much you claimed and how much was reimbursed – closing letter from the insurance company
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